The only way the American Pit Bull Terrier will regain his good name is to spread the word. With the right owner, any dog can become a master at obedience, but love, passion and loyalty come from within the dog and within you.

One day you will be able to walk your dog in your neighborhood without your neighbors running to the other side of the street.

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Give your dog the best and shop top supplies and accessories that your puppy will love. There are many Pit Bull bloodlines and Pit Bull fanciers that created today’s Pit Bull. Did you know that many organizations and universities study dogs, and post statistics?

Al Brown Tacoma Pit Bulls

Al Brown may have fought Pit Bulls, but he had the right idea of what a Pit Bull was. According to a letter that he wrote to Pete Sparks in response to gameness. Brown said that the notion of gameness will be the never-ending question surrounding Pit Bulls and similar dogs. But, even a deep [...]
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Clyde Mason and Hog Pit Bulls

Clyde Mason was your everyday father and grandfather. But, he was also a dog-man through and through. He was a pit bull breeder and dog fighter. But, as you’ll see in the photos below, Mason’s dogs were well socialized with people. Clyde Mason is most famous for the Hog bloodline. Mason’s Ch Hog was a [...]
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Lymphoma in Dogs

Because lymphoma is one of the most common cancers found in dogs, accounting for about 10-20% of all cancer in dogs, it is important to understand what lympohoma is and what the signs of lymphoma are. Basically, lymphoma is a malignant cancer that involves lymph nodes and organs with lymphoid tissues, such as the liver, [...]
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Could “The Drop” Do More Harm Than Good?

As awesome as it is to have a sweet pit bull puppy featured in a major box office film, could it be a bad thing? Do you remember what happened with “101 Dalmatians”? Everyone ran out and found a Dalmatian puppy to bring home. The substantial increase in demand caused over-breeding, genetic issues and a [...]
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Pit Bull Bulldog Mix

Bulldogs and Pit Bulls have many similar appearance features, and the bullypit is a popular designer dog breed. The American Bulldog adds height to the Pit Bull, whereas breeding an English Bulldog to a Pit Bull adds girth. Bulldogs and Pit Bulls are very intelligent dogs and can be easy to train, but they need [...]
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