Good Pit Bulls is a simple website to help educate those who want to know more about the Pit Bull breed. GPB is a website for those who want to read more about Pit Bull history, Pit Bull bloodlines and much more!

I have worked with dogs all of my life. I have had the pleasure of working with an animal shelter that specialized in pit bulls- eduction, training and rehoming. This was in 2003, and I have never looked away, bringing the breed into my home and debunking myths about the breed.

Pit Bulls are not lost causes.

With so many people against Pit Bull Terriers, there has to be some who want to ensure the survival of the breed.

These dogs can have a new beginning, and that new beginning starts with you.

I’ve created the GPB website any and every Pit Bull or mix that may ever come into my life.

This website is for you and your Pit Bull.

fawn pit bull puppy
blue pit bull
pit bull boxer mix