Al Brown Tacoma Pit Bulls

al brown tacoma jackAl Brown may have fought Pit Bulls, but he had the right idea of what a Pit Bull was.

According to a letter that he wrote to Pete Sparks in response to gameness. Brown said that the notion of gameness will be the never-ending question surrounding Pit Bulls and similar dogs. But, even a deep game dog who had won 10 matches should still be 100% trusted and safe with children.

Al Brown’s GR CH Tacoma Jack (9xW) was one of his best pit dogs. He was well fought, but well socialized and trusted. Jack Dempsey (6xW) was another of Brown’s best dogs on all accounts.

Breeding Tacoma Jack and Brown’s Judy, Al Brown produced many outstanding pit bulls. Brown bred for physical and temperament soundness. Looking at Brown’s tagline, he selected his dogs carefully and test severely. Although, Al Brown was a dog fighter, he still had a good view on how the breed should be well-rounded in appearance and mental stability.

Tacoma Jack’s Replica was probably one of Brown’s most popular offspring. Tacoma Jack’s Replica was described as being a short bodied, big boned and deep chested dog with great intelligence and excellent disposition. Brown eventually sent him to Charles Doyle along with many of his other dogs.

Charles Doyle infused the Corvino bloodline with Brown’s Tacoma Jack’s Replica (4xW) and other Tacoma offspring to create sound dogs. Doyle was picky about who he bred the Tacoma line to, wanting to further the excellent temperament and physique of the dogs. Two dogs that Doyle was known to breed with the Tacoma Pit Bull bloodline were Corvino’s Braddock (14xW) and Corvino’s Shorty.

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