American Bully Standards

Years of selective breeding, has created the American Bully. The American Bully is a medium-sized dog with a muscular body. He is stocky, but elegant and alert. The American Bully has its own standards when compared with the American Pit Bull Terrier.

  • american-bullyHead: medium in length with a deep/broad skull and very broad cheek muscles
  • Ears: far apart and high set
  • Eyes: all colors; round to oval in shape; they lie deep in the skull and are far apart
  • Muzzle: medium length (2 to 3 fingers wide) with a round top; falls under the eyes
  • Jaw: the lower jaw should be be strong and muscular
  • Neck: heavy, wide and slightly bent; positioned slightly down from the shoulders
  • Shoulders: proportion with the body far apart, are powerful, wide and muscular
  • Back: short in relation to the length of the dog; straight
  • Body: legs are far apart; the chest is deep and wide
  • Tail: set low and ends in a point but is mostly quite straight
  • Legs: front legs are diametric and should not turn inward or outward; back legs are right next to the other, well-muscled and straight
  • Coat: short-haired and all colors are allowed
HQ Bullies - Pocket Bully

HQ Bullies – Pocket Bully

When looking to adopt or purchase a an American Bully, be careful of breeders who have direct in-breeding in their pedigrees. Also, watch out for key characteristics of poor breeding, poor genetics and over exaggerations of characteristics.

bully pit bull back standard

bully pit bull leg standards