Bully Pit Bull Bloodlines

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Different breeders focus on aspects of the breed, which is how the bloodlines arise, and there are many different Pit Bull bloodlines that have evolved throughout the years.

The bully Pit Bull is one that that has a short, stocky build and an blocky head. The classic bully-style Pit Bull is what drove the American Bully, which is more of a mix of selective breeding of different bloodlines (and in some cases a mix of different breeds). They come in different sizes, ranging from pocket to extreme, but the overall look of a bully should remain constant with a muscular, stocky and blocky build.

Popular bully bloodlines include:

  • Razors Edge – The Razor’s Edge bully is is a shorter bully that often falls in the pocket-sized category.
  • Gotti – The Gotti bully is more of an extreme bully Pit Bull, but today, there are so many different variations of Gotti that it can be hard to determine what is a real Gotti Pit Bull.
  • Remyline
  • Monster G
  • Kingpin
  • Greyline
  • Ghanghis Kon
  • Watchdog

When looking to adopt or purchase a bully-style Pit Bull or an American Bully, be careful of breeders who have direct in-breeding in their pedigrees. Also, watch out for key characteristics of poor breeding, poor genetics and over exaggerations of characteristics.

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