History of Camelot Pit Bull Bloodline

The Camelot bloodline is an XXL bully bloodline that has been bred for hog hunting and weight pull, but modern dogs with Camelot blood appear to be just large and bulky with a lot of the original traits selectively bred out of them.

It’s said that these dogs are natural guardians, intelligent, and powerful. They have great endurance and good confirmation.

There are actually two types of Camelot Pit Bulls and both are XXL lines bred for hog hunting.

The original dog in Art’s Camelot line was ‘The Duke.’ Some reports claim the dog was a man-biter, but many people who once met the dog say he was a natural showoff and a good dog.

The original dogs in Kenny Sonia’s dogs include Trip, Chief, Baby Girl, and CP’s Pebbles.

Some of the Camelot bloodline have Wilder blood bred into them.

The Duke

PR Camelot Pit Bull ‘The Duke’

camelot the chief

Kenny Sonia’s Camelot Pit Bull ‘Chief’


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