History of Hollingsworth Pit Bull Bloodline

Ernest Hollingsworth’s program is well known in the Pit Bull community, having bred dogs for their agility, gameness, and durability.

But, Hollingsworth was an old man with strong opinions that no one could change, believing that all black dogs were curs, and only breeding red/red nose dogs.

Lady in Red was Hollingsworth’s founding dog; she is sometimes found titled “Patrick’s Lady in Red,” as she was very inbred on Patrick’s Red Baby (ROM), which was Patrick’s best leading dog. Hollingsworth should definitely be given credit for taking Lady in Red to the Bolio-Tombstone dogs.

Hollingsworth bred Lady in Red to Yazoo Cody (1X) and produced Dolly (ROM), Polly (ROM), and other famous dogs in his line. Dolly was probably one of Hollingsworth’s most famous dogs, and Polly was later bred to Gr. Ch. Mayday, producing several champion dogs, to include Pro-Set’s Ch. MayMay, Big Apple Kennel’s Ch. Haunch, and RTK’s Dragoon(1X)(2:20).

Hollingsworth sold his yard to Wildside Kennels, but then tried to make a comeback. He eventually sold out to Southern Kennels when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Lady in Red was his founding dog

Lady in Red

Ernest Hollingsworth and Victor Aycart

Ernest Hollingsworth and Victor Aycart