Joe Corvino Pit Bulls


Sonny Sykes published a piece on Corvino, stating he was a “hard working, self taught man who was twenty years ahead of his time.” Sykes continued to write that Joe Corvino sought hard for better ways to improve anything he was involved with, whether it be horse shoes, treadmills or life.

Corvino split his time improving on the American Pit Bull breed and his own bloodine with his day job as a blacksmith. Joe Corvino was a blacksmith by trade with his own shop in the center of Chicago. Corvino out-classed other blacksmiths, working hard to please his customers and improve his work.

Joe Corvino began breeding his Pit Bulls in the late 1920s. Overtime, he created a very popular bloodline that many still seek today. Unfortunately, you won’t find pure Corvino Pit Bulls anymore; you will only find Pit Bulls with Corvino bloodlines.

Joe Corvino used five main lines to create his own bloodline- Tudor, Shipley, Feely and Armitage/Tonn.

Corvino’s dogs were bred to be fine working dogs, show dogs and personal pets.

The Corvino bloodline played a big component in the development of the American Staffordshire.