Earl Tudor and Dibo

Earl Tudor, also known as the “Oklahoma Kid,” was a very important part of Pit Bull history. Those who knew him, said that he kept two types of dogs: 1) those he liked and 2) those his friends gave him.

He bred over 100 dogs, but never once declared himself a dog breeder, merely a dog conditioner. Many dogs that have been attributed to Tudor’s breeding were actually bred by other dog breeders. Dibo is probably one of Tudor’s most famous dogs, but he was actually a puppy sired by Ed Ritcheson’s Bambi and Hubbard’s Bounce in Howard Heinzl’s yard on March 21, 1951.

A man named Jensen bought a male puppy from the litter for a pet for his son. The boy named the puppy Dumbo, but when he grew tired of the puppy and wanted a collie, Jenson contacted Howard Heinzl to trade Dumbo for a collie puppy. Dumbo stayed with Heinzl and was kept away from the other dogs for two years.

Earl Tudor visited Heinzl and took a shine to Dumbo. When Heinzl offered Tudor any dog in the yard, he opted for Dumbo, later changing the dog’s name to Dibo.  Dibo was stolen from Tudor, but Tudor got him back when the dog was about four years old.. Dibo became a three time winner with a list of many champion offspring.

  • Tudor’s White Rock- 4X winner
  • Tudor’s Spike- 4X winner
  • Tudor’s Jeff- 3X winner
  • Trahan’s Blackie- 3X winner
  • McCraw’s Snowball Harrel’s Topper- 5X winner
  • Heinzl’s Polly Ed Crenshaw’s Buck
  • Edward’s Sam Carver’s Cracker
  • Start (Haye’s) Cry Baby- 4X winner
  • Boudreaux’ Blind Billy
Earl Tudor

Tudor’s Dibo