Best Friends Animal Society Studies Breed Bans

The Best Friends Animal Society is a national animal welfare organization that is based in Utah. The organization has commissioned an economic study to determine if breed-discriminatory legislation is a waste of tax dollars.

The study was completed by John Durham and Associates, using a myriad of sources to include the federal government, in order to serve as core information for the online Fiscal Impact Calculator to help state and local governments calculate the true cost of implementing breed ban and laws regulating dog breeds.

There are about 300 U.S. communities that have laws involving regulating or banning certain dog breeds based on the way the dog looks, instead of by the way the dog behaves. The study’s bottom line finding is that it costs about $450 million to enforce a nationwide ban on Pit Bulls and pit bull type dogs; this costs includes kenneling, vet care, euthanization, disposal, litigation, and DNA testing.

What they found was that most communities don’t have this type of law, and that the methodology is based on what a community would need if the law did exist. The study shows an analysis that if communities did enforce this type of law, the resources and infrastructure just doesn’t exist, as this type of law actually exhausts resources.

In the end, these laws do not provide any help in dog bite prevention.

Prevent Breed Bans in Your Area – Best Friends Animal Society