Danny Trejo is a Dog Lover

Danny Trejo is an American actor who’s famous for his roles as hyper-masculine villains and anti-heroes. Trejo is a warrior with a machete, but at home, he’s a softy for dogs.

One time, Trejo and his wife were driving and noticed a pit bull in the back of a truck with an opened tailgate. The drivers of the truck were swerving all over the road in attempts to injure the dog. Trejo and his wife made the men pull over in front of the local animal control.

Danny Trejo and his wife even opened an organization to promote dog adoption, spay and neutering, and dog safety- K9 Compassion.

Danny Trejo is not only a dog lover, he and his wife have a Pit Bull.

Danny Trejo pit bull puppy


Looks like Trejo Junior lost his blaze when he grew up, which is no uncommon.


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