‘Walking Dead’ Jon Bernthal and The Majority Project

Jon Bernthal is most recognized for his role on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” but this zombie-killer is also a killer of Pit Bull stereotypes.

Bernthal is a spokesperson for The Majority Project, which was founded by The Animal Farm Foundation to show that pit bull owners are just like everyone else.

The website has already collected hundreds of submissions from around the United States with dog owners posing with their pit bull companion. The dog owner is holding a sign that says, “I am a _____. I am a ‘pit bull’ dog owner. I am the MAJORITY.”

Bernthal posted a 60-second video with his two pit bulls and son.

He invites ordinary people to join him in declaring that the majority of pit bull owners are responsible dog owners and productive members of the community. He says, “We are not the exception… We are the rule. Laws and politics that target a dog’s owner based on appearance won’t make communities safer — holding all reckless dog owners accountable will.”