Josh Hutcherson and His Pit Bull Driver

In 2012, Josh Hutcherson from “The Hunger Games” decided he want a puppy.

Hutcherson’s puppy was about three months old when he rescued him. His  life before the famous actor wasn’t all that great.

josh hutcherson pit bullHands Paws Hearts pulled the pit bull puppy out of a municipal Los Angeles County shelter. The puppy was missing two toes and was dropped off as a stray. He was at the county shelter for 11 days with a broken leg; the leg was injured for at least a month.

When Shasha Rose, the adoption coordinator at Hands Paws Hearts, went to pick up the puppy, she got a phone call from a friend of a friend (Josh Hutcherson). He had been looking for a pit bull, and “he wanted a rescue dog, that was a priority.”

Rose picked up the puppy, Hutcherson was able to meet him. The two hit it off immediately.

Josh Hutcherson named his new puppy Driver. Driver went into surgery and came out just fine.

“Josh is very, very happy,” Rose said, and Driver is “very active and playful. He doesn’t complain. He’s a really nice dog.”

According to Josh  Hutcherson, “There are so many dogs, so many puppy mills and you go to these shelters and you see these beautiful, great dogs that are about to be put down for no reason. And then people buy new dogs and it doesn’t make sense.”

josh hutcherson pit bull

josh hutcherson pit bull

Hutcherson carrying Driver out of his trailer.

josh hutchinson pitbull


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