Kevin Bacon and His Pit Bull

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick rescued their pit bull, Lily, after she was abandoned outside Yankee Stadium in 2009. Lily was about five months old.

In 2012, Lily became famous, when a video of Bacon and his dog was posted online of the pair synchronized diving. The video is  no longer online, but these pictures still exist.

kevin bacon pit bull

Kevin Bacon and his pit bull are a cute pair.

Kyra Sedgwick appeared on The Letterman show shortly after adopting Lily. She admitted that she couldn’t handle her children leaving home even though they were 17 and 20.

“In order to help me through this abandonment issue that I clearly have, we have adopted a pitbull puppy… She was left outside Yankee Stadium – really, she was left for dead.” David Letterman teased Sedgwick saying, “Pitbulls are deadly dangerous and they will kill you. You’ve got to be careful.” But, Sedgwick defended her dog and the breed, “No, really that has to do with the parents – they get a bad rep … They are the sweetest dogs.”

kevin bacon pit bull