Linda Blair is Devoted to Animal Rescue

Linda Blair may be best known for her part in The Exorcist, but she’s actually a huge animal lover and rescuer.

She started the WorldHeart Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation that is devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating abused and neglected animals. The foundation not only trains, socializes, rehabilitates and works to find loving homes, but the Foundation provides interesting tidbits of info, like Blair’s vegan recipes. Linda Blair and the WorldHeart Foundation, also, work to clear the misconception about Pit Bulls.

Blair was once scared of the breed because of the media’s reports about their aggression. But, Sonny Boy changed her fears and opinions about the breed, and Blair is now very open about her love for Pit Bulls.

“The first dog that I [Linda Blair] came across that followed me home was this big brown and black brindle pit. Now, the new media said, ‘Run, It’s going to kill you,’ and so I was terrified, like many are still today. The dog that followed me home was asking for help. And he changed my life forever. I gave him a helping hand, and in turn, he healed my heart.”

Linda Blair pit bulls

Linda Blair pit bulls

Check out Linda Blair’s interview with the LA News back in 2007. She talks about how the breed was never bred for human aggression and the breed just has a bad rap.


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