Walking Dead, Punisher Jon Bernthal’s Pit Bulls

Jon Bernthal may be Shane from The Walking Dead or Frank Castle from The Punisher, but at home, he’s a dog softy.

He’s an animal advocate. He participated in the Majority Project back in 2015 and has spoken with the president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States (video below). Bernthal has three pit bulls that he raise right alongside his children…just as they should be raised.

jon bernthal pitbull

bernthal pit bull

Jon Bernthal dogs

jon bernthal pitbulls

In July, Bernthal rescued this pit bull puppy, who he named Bam Bam. He posted on Instagram, “Rescue a Pit Bull. They just may rescue you back. Big love.”

lil bambam bernthal

Bam Bam’s arrival into the family is just Bernthal’s latest effort to support pit bulls and strike down the unfairly negative stereotypes. He already has two other pit bulls in his family. And if you watch his Instagram, you can see the dogs with his children. Bernthal shows what pit bulls are like naturally, when they are raised by a responsible owner in a home filled with care and affection.