Will Wheaton and Gangster Pit Bulls

will wheaton and pit bull

Back in 2012, Kelly Rippa interviewed Christopher Walken on the Live with Kelly and Michael show. On the episode, they talked about his character in Seven Pyschopaths, who kidnaps a dog. Rippa remarked that, “the gangster’s dog, if it was a gangster, would have to be a dangerous, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?”

Well, it was actually a Shih Tzu… But, after that comment, many celebs, including Will Wheaton, went to social media with their opinion and thoughts of her comment.

Wheaton is best known for his roles in Stand by Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory. But, at home, he’s nothing but a big Pit Bull lover.

His first tweet to Rippa’s on-air comment was, “According to @KellyRipa, Pit Bulls are ‘dangerous’ and ‘the gangster’s dog.’ Her ignorance breaks my heart, and will hurt Pits in shelters.”

But Wheaton didn’t stop there. He posted a second tweet saying, “I’m not a gangster. My friend @KaleyCuoco is not a gangster. My dog Seamus is not dangerous. @KellyRipa couldn’t be more wrong. Millions of people listen to @KellyRipa. When she spreads misinformation about Pit Bulls, it makes it less likely people will adopt them. I hope @KellyRipa will do some research, spend some time with a Pit Bull, and correct the misleading impression she gave millions of people.”

Will Wheaton also went to Tumblr to defend the Pit Bull breed, pointing out that many pit bulls make awesome pet therapy dogs, service dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Even Wheaton’s wife joined him.

Wheaton and his wife have two adopted pit bulls- Seamus and Marlowe.