Dog Puzzle Toys

Zoos often use puzzles for animals in the zoo to exercise their natural instincts and aid environment enrichment. There are different toys for different species, each built to enhance natural behaviors that are species-specific.

Dogs aren’t quite like captive zoo animals, but puzzle toys can definitely enrich your dog’s natural instincts and even build the bond with your pet. Puzzle toys are great for dogs of all sizes, breeds and personalities.

The dog toys engage hide-and-seek, foraging and problem solving instincts.

treat ball This blue IQ Treat Ball comes in two sizes: 3-inch and 5-inch. It’s a fun ball that will keep your dog stimulated. You can fill the ball with kibble or treats, and as your dog rolls the ball around treats spill out. As your dog figures out the toy, you can adjust the difficulty level by setting the interior insert. Both sizes are ideal for medium and large dogs.




dog puzzle If your dog loves the tennis ball, this toy is perfect for him! You can push the ball inside the rubber box and watch your dog pull it back out. You can also hide other toys inside the red box to entice your dog to a brain workout.


Flip toys are fun because you hide the treats under the cups or doors so your dog can sniff them out. These toys are best used with your dog’s favorite treats or even hotdog slivers. Mix up where you put the treats or your dog will figure out the pattern quickly.