Dog Attacks

In the 20th century, there wer over 450 reports of severe dog attacks, and none of them were caused by pitbull-type dogs. The media is commonly found as being single-minded and wearing blinders, as it’s not uncommon for the media to report a pit bull attack before any information has been released other than dog attack.

Between 2002-2005, there were 11 fatal dog attacks, and none were reported as pitbull-type dogs, yet the media claimed them as a “pit bull attack,” and never once retracted their story.

According to the CDC, the statistics show that over about 20 years, pitbull-type dogs attributed to about 66 of fatal dog attacks.

You can’t believe everything you hear from a politician’s mouth or from a news reporter. The media is skewed. Looking at the statistics, Pit Bulls are not the most dangerous killer to children, and they aren’t the most dangerous dogs. About 10-20 pitbull-type dogs cause fatal attacks, but you’ll find that tens of thousands, if not millions, are loved family pets.

Pit bull type dogs can and do attack people and other animals, but not every dog attack is caused by a Pit Bull and not every Pit Bull will attack.

U.S. Population/ Fatal Dog Attacks

  • 1950– 151 million people/ 20-22 million dogs/ 10 fatal attacks
  • 1970– 203 million people/ 31 million dogs/ 12 fatal attacks
  • 1980– 226 million people/ 40 million dogs/ 15 fatal attacks
  • 2000– 281 million people/ 60+ million dogs/ 19 fatal attacks

When looking at dog attacks in comparison to other fatal injuries, dogs are actually the least likely to kill. In all reality, fatal dog attacks are actually quite rare. Dying by lightning and forklifts are more common than dying by a dog. Children are more likely to die from a bucket, slide, or balloon, than a dog (Dog’s Bite by Janis Bradley).

The CDC compares the annual fatalities, and it’s actually quite hard to compare fatal dog bites with other causes of fatal injuries.

One would think that more dogs in the general population, the more likelihood of fatal attacks, but the numbers show that there are more people and dogs in society, yet the number of fatal dog attacks remain relatively the same.

What makes the number seem as though it is increasing, is that some statistics like to claim all bites as a part of their numbers. The question should be whether or not there is a true public safety hazard when very few are actually hurt.

All in all, dogs are animals, and we cannot treat them or expect them to act like humans… Even still, there are humans who attack other humans, yet the general public is more accepting of a murder, than a dog attack.