Diane Jessup

Diane Jessup has been fighting breed discrimination for over three decades. She’s offered the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Jessup is an author, dog trainer, breed advocate, and a retired animal control officer. She has been focusing her passion with working Pit Bulls, training them for detection dogs. She has worked with shelter dogs, rescue dogs, and well-bred Pit Bulls.

When choosing a breed to work with, the American Pit Bull is the one that suffers the most ignorance, misinformation, spin, myths, and lies. Yet, this breed is one that is not just a fighting dog, but a working dog. They are compact, medium-sized dogs that are friendly, drool-free, low shedding, and determined to get the job done and please their handler.

Jessup has put together the Law Dogs USA group to work with and train Pit Bulls as law enforcement dogs. She’s taking Pit Bulls from abusive situation and from off the streets to train them to work with police officers as detection dogs and bomb sniffing dogs.

In 2004, she found out that the Washington State Patrol had two Pit Bulls working with them as a drug dog and a bomb dog. She spoke with the trainers and officers and found that they aren’t prejudice with their dog breeds. She went home and started researching.

While doing her research, Jessup was emailed by Neville‘s foster mom, who had heard about Jessup’s endeavor. After testing him, Neville became the first LawDog accepted as by the state patrol.

Instead of paying hundreds for puppies and starting the training from scratch, the LawDogs program gives law enforcement free dogs that are medically sound, well-started into their training, and sound with people.