Pit Bulls and Agility Sports

Pit Bulls are a very agile dog breed, making them great for agility.

When running an agility course, there are various obstacles to include tire jumps, bar jumps, tunnels, weave poles, sea saws, dog walks, and chutes. Each obstacle requires the handler to give the dog a specific signal and/or verbal cue so that he can perform the task with the least fault and error and at the quickest pace.

Pit Bulls are very intelligent and want to please their handler. With consistent training, they can perform a dog agility course with ease.

Stalkier bloodlines may not perform as well on an agility course when compared to a leaner dog. A Razor’s Edge versus a Castillo Pit Bull may exhibit differences in the number of errors and the time to complete the course, but that doesn’t mean that any particular bloodline should be eliminated from trying agility dog training.

Agility is a great sport to work your dog’s mind and body.agility pit bull