Using Pit Bulls for Hog Hunting

Because of their determination, Pit Bulls are ideal hog hunting dogs. Their stamina and athleticism make them perfect catch dogs.

When the boar has been bayed, the Pit Bull comes out and goes up against the hog, grabbing and holding it until the hunter can catch up and take down the hog.

Some states do not allow hunting with Pit Bulls, so hunters must check their state laws before using a Pit Bull to hunt any animal.

When using a Pit Bull to hunt boar, it’s important to fully equip the dog. Wild hogs are very dangerous animals, so when buying protective gear for your Pit Bull, consider “cut gear” such as dog Kevlar or chain mail designed for hunting dogs.

The Kevlar vests and collars help protect the dog as best as possible, but the cut gear does not protect all parts of the dog. It is important that once the catch dog is released, the hunter be shortly behind, as the initial grab is the most dangerous part for hunting dogs.

It only takes a second for a dog to get seriously injured.

Buy Cut Gear for Hog Hunting

You will find sizes for all dogs, as well as different patterns and styles of Kevlar vests and collars that will keep your dog safe when hog hunting.