Famous Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls and pit bull types have been featured throughout history. Whether you’re looking at the Buster Brown advertisements, World War 1 posters, or bank advertisements, Pit Bulls have been more than just the typical wanted dangerous dog.
Famous Pit Bulls in Movies and TV

Grunt from Flashdance

  • Our Gang Comedies 1930’s (TV Show)
  • The Incredible Journey 1963 (Original)
  • Flashdance 1983
  • Franken Weenie 1984
  • Turner & Hootch 1989
  • The Incredible Journey 1993 (Remake)
  • Homeward Bound 1-1993
  • The Little Rascals (Movie) 1994
  • Homeward Bound 2-1996
  • 2 days in the valley 1996
  • Babe: Pig in The City 1999
  • Snatch 2001
  • Cheaper By The Dozen 1-2003
  • Veronica Mars 2004
  • Garfield 2004
  • Torque 2004
  • Jennifer Lopez Video I’m Glad
  • Cheaper By The Dozen 2-2005
  • The Number 23 2007
  • The Game Plan 2007
  • CSI Miami Episode: If looks could kill 2007

Other famous Pit Bulls include Sergeant Stubby, Jack Brutus, and other Pit Bulls who served in the military. Bud was the first Pit Bull to cross the country in a vehcile. Popsicle is the number 1 customs dog. RCA is a certified hearing dog in Alaska. Tahoe, Cheyenne, and Dakota are all search and rescue dogs in California that assisted at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon after 9/11.