Old Harvey – 104th Ohio Infantry

Old Harvey was a Pit Bull mascot for the 104th Ohio Infantry.

When Harvey’s owner was promoted to Lieutenant  in 1862, he purchased a collar that read: “I am Lieutenant D.N. Stearns’ Dog. Who’s Dog Are You?”

Harvey was beloved and provided humor and joy to the troops he served with. It’s said that Old Harvey would sway from side-to-side while the soldiers sang campfire songs in the evening.

Old Harvey was wounded in two different battles, to include when at the Virginia Peninsula. Harvey spent the better-part of a year in Kentucky and East Tennessee, and then the summer of 1864 in the Atlanta campaign.

When on Kennesaw Mountain, Old Harvey was wounded and captured. He was later returned under a flag of truce, and after that, Harvey was the most honored pet in the regiment.

Old Harvey was at the Battle of Franklin and survived very fierce fighting. In January 1865, the 104th Infantry went to North Carolina, and after that point, Old Harvey’s career was lost to history.

Lt. Stearns finished the war as a Captain of Company F, and after the war, Stearns became insane, which resulted in his confinement in the Insane Asylum in Ohio, where he died.

The 104th Infantry had a portrait of Old Harvey commissioned so that even after his death, Harvey would still remain a part of their unit and would be able to be a part of their reunions.

Today, Harvey is remembered by the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, where a portrait of the troop features Harvey posing with his fellow soldiers.