Kris Crawford’s Rescue Pit Bulls

kris crawford rescue dogs

Kris Crawford founded For Pits Sake in 1997, which includes programs in animal-assisted therapy, safety around dogs, search and rescue, canine training and a campaign against dogfighting. Her mission is to change the public opinion about pit bulls.

Kris Crawford is a retired search and rescue dog trainer and has three Pit Bulls of her own. Her dogs have helped NASA and find missing people.

Crawford’s Pit Bulls- Cheyenne, Dakota, and Tahoe- make up their own elite search and rescue team. They reside in Northern California, but they have traveled across the United States when they are needed.

Equipped with their stamina, these dogs often work 10 hour days without whining. When there is a life at stake, this trio has demonstrated several times that they won’t quit until the job is done.

Dakota was invited to join the elite team made of the top 20 search and rescue dogs in the U.S. Dakota is the only Pit Bull ever invited to join this team.

Since then, the team has worked on several high-profile cases. Dakota was instrumental in NASA’s efforts to recover debris and crew after seven astronauts died when Space Shuttle Columbia exploded in 2003.

This trio isn’t always searching high-profile cases. On their down time, they participate in public safety classes and visit hospitals and nursing homes.

Kris Crawford Dakota

kris crawford and dakota