Neville a Pit Bull Deputy

Neville was banned from Ontario, Canada and found himself facing death because of the ban that looks like a pit bull. Because Neville fit the ban, he had to be euthanized or removed from Ontario.

Although, Neville would have never hurt anyone, he was born with the wrong appearance. In order to save his life, rescuers transported him into the United States.

On March 20, 2005, Neville and Nitro (another dog that was transported with him) landed safely in Seattle.

Neville’s foster mom had nothing but good things to say about him. “Neville was just full of surprises. He was un-reactive to other dogs, ignored my cats, loved my kids and was just a joy to have around. We discovered a dog that was extremely well behaved and had wonderful manners. No matter what I thought of he was completely unflappable. I even took him to a parade where he made a ton of new friends and never ceased to astound me. “

When Diane Jessup was looking for dogs to fit the Law Dogs program, Neville’s foster mom was encouraged to sign up up. The dogs were going to be used as bomb sniffing dogs for the Washington State Patrol.

Neville’s foster mom contacted Jessup, who showed up at her home to check out Neville. She thought that she would hear, “what a nice dog, thanks for trying,” but instead Jessup liked Neville immediately. After leaving Neville, Jessup contacted the State Patrol to set up a meeting.

Nevile was tested and in August 2005, passed with flying colors.

Lucky for the Washington State Patrol, Neville was born a pit bull during the Ontario ban. Neville went from death-row to a beloved member of the canine patrol.

He worked for 5 years and had about 21 finds of weapons or explosives; in September 2012, Neville retired. The Pit Bull’s permanent home has been and will be with Trooper David Dixon. Neville’s handler on the field.

neville pit bull