Popsicle the Pit Bull

While making an arrest at a known drug dealer in Buffalo, New York, Officer Ron Clark spotted an old, deep freezer on the back porch.

Inside the freezer there was a black bag which contained a blood-caked pit bull puppy.

Clark delivered the puppy to the SPCA, where Popsicle made a full recovery, however, no one wanted to adopt a pit bull.

In order to find Popsicle a good home, the shelter contacted U.S. Customs Officer Sally Barr to see if they could sign Popsicle up for canine training school in Fort Royal, Virgina.

It was a long shot because there are many dogs who qualify for the training, but like most Pit Bulls, Popsicle showed his love for a good game of tug-of-war, which was a simple example of the drive needed for training.

Two months after graduation, Popsicle was involved in the biggest cocaine bust in history at the Hidalgo, Texas port of entry. Popsicle located a ton and a half of cocaine that had a street value of $139,605,000.

Popsicle later went to work at the Port of Roma, Texas, where he made 24 marijuana seizures (12,080 lbs worth $640,000), one cocaine seizure (148 lbs worth $6,719,200), and two currency seizures ($65,144).

While in Roma, Popsicle injured his knee and required surgery. He is now retired and living a life of leisure with his owner.