RCA Pit Bull

RCA had her start in Alabama, but when her owners couldn’t find a place to rent because of the pit bull hysteria, they had to give her up. RCA found herself at the Alaska SPCA in Anchorage where John Ledum was starting a program that would pair dogs with the hearing impaired.

Ledum and Dr. Joyce Murphy- a local veterinary temperament tested about 170 dogs, and RCA scored the highest.

She became the state’s first certified hearing dog.

At the time of her training and certification, the city of Anchorage was talking about banning pit bulls. The SPCA was concerned with pairing RCA with a someone who may have to give her up, so they decided to make her a demonstration dog to promote the idea that the breed is smart, loving, and can have good temperaments.

She made several trips across Alaska and to the lower 48 states. RCA’s demonstration’s helped raise funds to finances the training of more hearing dogs.

RCA loved going to elementary schools to lick all the children. She got scrapbooks with letters and pictures from over 700 children.

On June 29, 1997, RCA died at 16 years old. She developed cancer and was active until the last few hours.