Helen Keller’s Sir Thomas

There are many reports about Helen Keller’s dog- Sir Thomas, but if you read her writings, she’s more likely to refer to him as Phiz. And, yes, these are the same dog.

Many claim that the dog was an over-sized Boston Terrier, whereas others claim that Sir Thomas was a small pit bull with a short muzzle. Well, the the two could be one in the same. Boston Terriers are essentially bred down bull and terrier mixes, so Sir Thomas could be a small pit bull and not the over-sized Boston Terrier others claim him to be.

If you look at Sir Thomas as a pit bull, you find that the pair is a perfect match in today’s standards. Both Helen Keller and the pit bull breed have had to overcome great obstacles.

Keller was a huge dog lover, taking Sir Thomas with her wherever she went. She did not use her dog(s) as service dogs, but as mere companions.

Keller trusted her dog.

Being that she was both blind and deaf, the dog had to be trustworthy, and because of this, Sir Thomas helped created the ‘All American Dog.’ Unfortunately, this did not last, as the breed is now feared.

The original Boston Terrier was essentially a large terrier bulldog mix, which was about the same as a small pit bull. But, no matter what you believe, Sir Thomas and Helen Keller were a great pair.

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