Taylor Pit Bull Customs Dog

Robert Root was a San Diego drug enforcement officer who was happened to be at an animal shelter two days before Taylor, a pit bull mix, was going to be euthanized. Taylor was described as a 4-year old, 86-lb, light brown brindle dog.

Root noticed that Taylor took intense interest in the tennis ball that he had been bouncing. The game that Root was playing was a game that officers commonly used as a reward with drug-sniffing dogs.

Officer Root saw Taylor’s potential and took a chance on the dog.

Since being saved, Taylor has become one of the SDPD’s top performers, sniffing out over $30 million worth of narcotics on his first few years on the job.

Taylor works strictly with verbal commands with his handler- Barbara Trice.

He is not your typical customs or law enforcement dog, as when on the job, his appearance can be scary for civilians.

But Taylor demonstrates the heart of the breed, showing great eagerness to please. Taylor is one of many Pit Bulls who help show what the breed is truly capable of.