Wallace the Pit Bull

Wallace was a stray Pit Bull that was turned into the Humane Society. He did not fair well in a kennel setting because of his super high energy drive.

Unfortunately, because of Wallace’s breed, he was being targeted for euthanasia. There was a lot of politics surrounding the breed, and even though the ‘low kill’ shelter is designed to help rehome good dogs, Wallace was considered a ‘liability.’

Wallace showed signs of being a great dog, but he was pent up in a kennel and was bored, making him appear less than perfect, especially since he hadn’t received any training during his life.

Roo and Clara enlisted the help of others, and they were able to pull him out of the shelter before he was euthanized.

Since being rehomed with Roo and Clara, Wallace surpassed any expectations even they had for the dog. Wallace has placed in several Freestyle flying disk competitions with Skyhounz. He even placed 4th in the AWI World Championship.

Wallace has appeared in several Bully Breed magazines, The Bark Magazine, Fully Bully, Rochester Magazine, St Mary’s University Magazine and a couple international online magazines. He’s even appeared on ABC, ESPN2, Animal Planet, multiple newspapers, local ABC and NBC news media, numerous online blogs, FetchDog.com, Animal Wise Radio, and The Pawz Cauze.

Roo and Clara have used Wallace and his story to inspire other bully owners to show their dogs as ambassadors of the breed. Taking a dog destined for death row and training him into a champion.

You don’t have to turn your dog into a champion, but using your Pit Bull, you can help change the minds of others about the breed.  Roo and Clara are doing that with Hector, one of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs that they adopted; Hector may not be one of the world’s finest Flying Disk dog’s, but he’s an ambassador of the breed.

roo and wallace