Dog Powered Scooters

Mushing isn’t just for Huskies, Malamutes and other sled dogs in the snow. You can teach your Pit Bull to pull a scooter, and the best part is that it’s a fun way to give your dog valuable exercise.

dog scooterA bored dog can be a destructive dog, whereas a well-exercised dog is a good dog. Exercise is one of the most forgotten aspects of dog health. We think about the best dog food and routine vaccinations, but we often forget about regular walks around the block.

From time to time, I get lazy and do it too- put my girls in the yard and let them play their hearts’ desires.

Well, I’ve not personally tried this product, but the overall concept seems great. It’s a dog-powered scooter. The product gives your dog the exercise he needs, and it gets you outside.

You can ride along the sidewalk or through a bike trail just as though your dog wasn’t attached. You can steer and brake the scooter.

It can take some time to get your dog used to hooking up to the scooter and stopping and starting on cue, but once he gets used to the concept, he’ll love it.

Small dogs, medium and large dogs can be hooked up to the scooter.

These scooter systems start at $609 for a one dog system.

You can also ask for a custom design, make sure to include pictures and a few dimension. To talk with  Mark, shoot him an email. His contact info can be found on the Products page of his site.


If you’ve tried this product or you’re thinking about it, leave a comment below. Tell us what you think.