Frontline Plus for Dogs

Frontline Plus uses fipronil and (S)-methoprene, and together the combo sticks to your dog’s oil glands and distributes continuously for 30 days. Fipronil kills the adult fleas and ticks, and (S)-methoprene attacks the flea eggs and larvae. By stopping the cycle, Frontline Plus can stop the infestation of fleas.

Fleas and ticks that com in contact with these chemicals, will die without having to bite your dog.

Merial shows that Frontline Plus kills fleas without 4 hours of the initial treatment, but the study performed by Everett WR, Gross SJ, Tanner PA, Carithers D,shows that it takes up to 12 hours.

When treating your dog with a topical flea treatment, you want to wait at least 24 to 48 hours after a bath to apply the treatment. Then, wait another 24 to 48 hours before giving your dog a bath. The treatment needs the natural oils in your dog’s skin and hair to properly treat the fleas.

Keep in mind that even though you treat your dog, you still need to treat your yard and home. If the fleas are to bad, you’ll need to bug bomb each room in your home- remove your pets for a few hours while the chemicals take effect. When you return, wash all fabrics, dishes, etc.

Frontline Plus is a great product, but it has been seen in some areas where the fleas will become resistant to firpronil.

But, “Resistance to spot-on products has never been documented,” Dr. Michael Dryden, DVM, Ph.D., a professor of veterinary parasitology in Kansas State University’s Department of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology.