Tim Racer’s Carousel Pit Bulls

pitbull carousel
pit bull dog carousel

Tim Racer is a cofounder of BAD RAP, a California-based education and rescue organization. But, Racer shows his lover and admiration for the Pit Bull breed in another way- art.


pit bull rockerRacer creates carousel-style portraits using basswood and wooden dowels. His work is commissioned throughout the United States and abroad. He doesn’t have to meet the dog, but, “knowing a dog’s personality helps to bring out their character in the carving.”
Racer’s carousels are not held together with any nails or glue. Racer spends hours carving them from basswood.

Rescue and Training

Racer leads training classes at BAD RAP, where he earned the American Humane Association’s Award for Best Practices in Behavior and Training in 2006. He trains BAD RAP’s foster dogs, as well as helps to educate potential adopters.

But, Racer is also called to help assess dogs removed from fighting situations. In 2007, he helped assess and place Michael Vick’s dogs after they were removed from his custody. Since then, Racer has been called upon to help dogs in other parts of the United States. In 2009, he has assisted the Humane Society of Missouri assessing dogs from a fighting case. He also worked with the federal government, assessing the dogs housed at the Animal Welfare League of Iowa in what is thought to be “the largest dog fighting operation in US history.”

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