How Do I Get My Dog’s Registration Papers Reprinted

adba registration paperwork

Paperwork gets lost. It happens. Even if you have a file cabinet, it never fails that paperwork tends to disappear right when you need it. But, don’t worry. Your dog’s papers aren’t lost for good. You can have the registry reprint the paperwork with the right information.

American Dog Breeders Association
The ADBA offers a duplicate application from that will replace lost certificates and pedigrees. You cannot request the papers over the phone or through email. The only want to get the ADBA to send you replacement papers is to print the Duplicate Registration Form and mail it in.

United Kennel Club

When applying to have your dog’s replacement papers printed with the UKC, only the Registrant(s) or Sole Signatory of the dog may apply.

Print the UKC Application for Duplicate Registration. Follow the instructions on page two of the PDF when filling our the form. Mail it in.

Remember only the original Registrant or Sole Signatory of the original paperwork can apply for the reprint. Unfortunately because the “ownership” of a dog is considered a civil matter. ii the case that a dog or registration papers are stolen, owners may want to consider seeking legal assistance to determine how to pursue their rights in a court of law. UKC will uphold all decisions made in a court of law once documentation has been provided.

Why Do I Need My Dog’s Registration Papers

A dog’s papers are to prove that they are purebred. Originally, registry papers were to signify quality.

But these days, it’s easy to get papers through unethical kennels. I’ve seen dogs go through shelters without papers one day and be returned and be re-adopted with papers that magically appeared. But, that’s neither here nor there…

Why do you need your dog’s papers?

The only reason that you may want your dog’s papers is if you’re breeding and you want to register the litter or you want to compete in an official show.

Otherwise, having your dog’s papers are solely just nice-to-have.