Pit Bull Identification

Can you identify a Pit Bull?

Not many can.

There are several online quizzes, but you’ll find that the most popular is the ‘Find the Pit Bull’ quiz on Pit Bulls on the Web

There are so many muscular dogs with short hair that it is hard for many people to accurately identify the breed, which causes improper identification of the dog in a dog attack.

I’ve seen white Boxers in shelters, pulled from their owners becuase the local law enforcement refused to believe that Boxers come in white, so it must be a Pit Bull. Same with American Bulldogs, Catahoula dogs, Mastiffs, Cane Corso’s, and even Jack Russell Terriers.

There are so many bloodlines and there are so many differences in the traits within a bloodline that pinpointing a Pit Bull or a Pit Bull mix can be hard.

pit bull ID