What is a Purple Ribbon Pit Bull?

When looking at Pit Bull puppies, you may come across the label, “purple ribbon,” but you may not be sure of what that means?

It’s really just a term used by the United Kennel Club that denotes a dog has at least 14 direct ancestors within 3 generations registered with the UKC

A puppy that is a purple ribbon dog does not mean that he comes from champion bloodlines, and it not does it necessarily mean that the puppy should cost more.

Many backyard breeders will throw ‘PR’ at potential customers in attempts to get unknowing customers to pay more, but many breeders who show and compete with their dogs will also let you know that they’re puppies are Purple Ribbon. The difference is that those breeders trying to impress you will more or less brag about the PR title.

In order for a dog to have a complete Six Generation pedigree, both parents must be registered as Purple Ribbon.

If a puppy is Purple Ribbon, the UKC will automatically add ‘PR’ to the dog’s registered name. You don’t have to worry about ensuring the number of characters are available or including it on the paperwork when you send it in. The ‘PR’ does not count toward your number of characters for theĀ  dog’s registered name.