Could Aurora, Colorado Repeal Pit Bull Ban?

After being on the books for about eight years, the Public Safety Committee of Aurora, Denver finally held an informal vote to repeal the pit bull ban that’s been in place since 2006.

Unfortunately, only four of the ten members voted to repeal the ban.

City Councilwoman Barb Cleland, the chairman of Public Safety, said  “I have always been on record that we shouldn’t ban any breed of dog.” She wants to beef up the city’s vicious dog ordinance by increasing fines for dog bites and attacks, regardless of the dog’s breed. “The focus should be on responsible ownership and reckless owners,” she said.

By repealing the ban, underground pit bull owners would be able to have their dogs licensed and vaccinated, furthering the protection of the people.

It’s quite unfortunately that the majority of the staff recommended that the city extend the ban and the rules that allow only owners of pit bulls who lived in Aurora, Denver before the ban to keep their dogs. The city also requires that these owners carry at least $100,000 in renters or homeowners insurance in case of an incident.

Repeal of pit bull ban in Aurora could still come – Denver Post