Cletus the Service Pit Bull Receives Degree

Cletus was one of 2,000 people who graduated from Idaho State University the week of May 10, 2014. Cletus is a black and white service pit bull who stood by his owner Josh Kelly while he attempted to get his degree.

Kelly suffered from an epileptic disorder. When he was having a seizure, Cletus would sit by him and bark to alert others for help.

Kelly passed away at 38-years-old in February 2014, but because Cletus went to every class with him, it was only right that he got his degree.

Kelly’s father, Terrell Kelly, stood with Cletus to accept the degree.

When Terrell and Cletus walked across the stage, the crowd cheered so loud the announcer’s words were drowned out. When Terrell was handed his son’s diploma, he held it high in the air, looked up and said, “This is for Josh.”