International Face of Happiness is the Pit Bull

pitbull-world-happiness The United Nations chose a pit bull to be the face of world happiness for International Happiness Day on March 20th, 2014.

Now, as pit bull lovers, we all know how infectious the pit bull smile is, but now the rest of the world knows too.

Macy is the sweet, four year old pit bull that is on one of the six World Happiness Day stamps.

Macy was declared unadoptable at a high-kill shelter, but she was rescued by Grateful Dogs, an organization in San Francisco, California.

Macy was fostered by Jackie Shen, but Jackie fell in love and became Macy’s permanent care-taker.

Jackie admits that she was intimidated of the breed, but Macy blew all the stereotypes out of the water. Jackie found that the only think Macy wanted was human interaction and attention.

Jaymi Heimbuch took Macy’s picture as a part of Heart Speaks, an organization of volunteer pictures that are used to promote pet adoption and adoptable dogs. Jaymi also sold the picture to a stock photo agency. She didn’t know that her picture was chosen for a stamp until a stranger gave her a brochure with picture in it.