10-Year Old Pit Bull Saves Family from House Fire

It’s not uncommon for news reports to headline ‘Pit Bull Attack,’ but it’s not as common to see that a Pit Bull saves a family. It’s not that it doesn’t happen, and it’s not that it’s rare to happen. It’s that it’s not good news.

But, KOCO.com reports in Wellston, Oklahoma, Baby, a 10-year old Pit Bull, helped save her family from their burning home.

They were sleeping when the fire began to engulf their home. Baby woke Rhonda Westenberger’s sister, Evelyn, who was able to warn the rest of the family.

Rhonda says that if Baby had not woken her sister, neither one of them would have made it out alive.

baby pit bullOnce Baby made sure both sisters were safe, she went in to save the other dog. A Chihuahua that also lived in the home; the dog was hiding under one of the beds. Baby went in, grabbed the dog by the neck, and drug it outside.

The fire was an accident thought to have been caused by the clothes dryer malfunctioning.

The home was destroyed, but at least the sisters are still alive, thanks to Baby.


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