Pit Bull Warns Family of House Fire

At 3 a.m. in 2010, a family was sleeping soundly in their home while a fire was growing inside. Luckily, Thor, the family’s Pit Bull was awake.

Thor tried to wake Kemper Hunter and Sarah Laughlin, who were both sleeping on the couch, but neither woke. He was even biting at Hunter to wake him.

“He started barking, it made me upset, so I sat up,” said Hunter. “There it was, our house on fire,” he said.

While Kemper was wakening to the realization that his home was on fire, Thor was busy getting the baby. He had the 3-month old baby girl with her bassinet by the ruffles, dragging it to the front door.

If it wasn’t for Thor, the family would have suffocated in their home.


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