Diamond 15-month Pit Bull Saves Owner in Fire

Diamond, a 15 month Pit Bull, was given the 2011 National Hero Dog award by the SPCA in Los Angeles, California.

She showed the true side of the breed. When The Steen family apartment was on fire October 2010, Diamond laid on top of Sierra, the oldest daughter, protecting her and shielding her from the fire until fire firefighters were able to rescue her.

Diamond sustained burns on her body in order to protect Sierra. Sierra commented “They told me that Diamond was lying on top of the mattress that I was under and that she would not leave me. And I was like, ‘Wow, she loves me – more than I thought.’ She’s always been nice, since the first moment we got her.”

Darryl Steen was able to get one daughter out of the apartment’s window, but when he struggled to get Sierra out, which was when Diamond went and laid over her body until help arrived.

After the fire, the family had trouble finding a place to live because of Diamond’s breed. Even though Diamond proved herself as a hero, her breed was banned by most landlords and property managers.

Diamond’s award marks the first time in 15 years that a Pit Bull has received such a high honor as a National Dog Hero. In Diamond’s case, she proved her love of her owners and the strong loyalty and commitment factor of her breed.

Diamond is a very loved dog, and she’s a great example of her breed.