Sebastian the Pit Bull Saves a 6-Year Old

In 1998, Officer Alan Rollins was off-duty working on his car when he heard the screams of a young boy. Rollins grabbed his gun and ran toward the scene with Sebastian, his Pit Bull.

The screams were from a six-year old boy that was being attacked by a large dog. The dog had the boy in his mouth, shaking him.

Sebastian leaped into action and knocked the dog off the little boy, even though the dog was much larger than him. Rollins was about to fire at the aggressive dog to end the attack.

The young boy underwent a four-hour surgery. If it wasn’t for Sebastian and Officer Rollins, the boy would not have survived.

After hearing about the attack, State Senator Emil Jones began advocating for breed specific legislation. Even though, Jones was aware that a Pit Bull had saved the boy, he was advocating banning pit bulls and other breeds.

Sebastian’s heroic act made the news, but his breed was never mentioned, proving the media finds pit bull attacks more news-worthy.