Starke County Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Pit Bull

On Monday, September 24, 2012, a second Starke County deputy shoots a second dog. The first dog was a 10-month old Boxer, and this second dog was a one-year old Pit Bull.

Boz was a beloved family pet. He slept in his owner’s bed, ate dinner with him, and loved him like one of his children.

While in his home, Jay Dollahan and Boz heard a loud, “Hey.” Boz ran out of the house and the deputy jumped on the hood of the cop car and fired two shots. Boz was killed with a shot to the head.

The officer called dispatch to report a vicious dog that tried to attack him.

Dollahan was in tears during his interview, explaining how his Pit Bull was a good dog.

Despite the “Beware of Dog” sign and being on Dollahan’s property, the rookie deputy is justified for shooting the dog, and the sheriff’s department is standing by the deputy’s decision to shoot the dog.

WNDU does not give any further details as to the dog’s body language. It’s hard to say whether or not Boz was running after the deputy to defend his property or to just check out a new person. All that was mentioned was that the dog’s curiosity caused him to bolt out of the door to see who was outside. It’s up to the public to assume the dog was not running out growling or with raised hackles, but running to great the deputy who shot him.

It’s an unfortunate occurrence that this Pit Bull was killed. A dog who’s owner treated him like family.