Pit Boxer

The Pit Boxer is a mix of the American Pit Bull and the Boxer. You may see the mix refered to as the Bullboxer Pit, American Bull Boxer, Bullboxer, or the American Bullboxer.

It is hard to ID a Pit Bull, but when you add in another breed to the mix, it becomes even harder. Unless you know the parents of the dog, it’s hard to say whether or not you have a true Pit Boxer mix.

Common colors of Pit Boxer mixes may include fawn, brown, brindle or even spotted. Purebred Boxer comes in black, white, brindle and fawn; purebred Pit Bulls come in blue, black, white, tan, chocolate, fawn, brindle and various patterns. So a Pit Boxer color can vary.

The average temperament will be vary. A Pit Bull Boxer mix will most likely be very intelligent, stubborn, loyal and goofy. The level of energy and playfulness will vary greatly, but the odds are high that younger dogs will be quite playful and energetic. The affection level will vary, but a Pit Boxer will be very loyal.

A Pit Bull Boxer mix will weigh between 35-75 pounds.

You will find many dogs and puppies labeled as Pit Boxers in shelters, but please keep in mind that you will never know the true identity of your dog unless you know the parents and lineage.

pit boxer mix

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