Pit Bull x Basset Hound Mix

Determining what breed a mix is can be hard. You never really know what mix a dog is unless you know the parents. When you adopt a dog, you are dependent on the shelter workers and volunteers to tell you what the dog could be. Now, sometimes if the dog was an owner surrender, the previous owners may know the exact mix, but that isn’t always the case.

Adopting a dog can be a crap shoot when it comes to 100% determining the mix of dog you’ve adopted or are thinking about adopting. Sometimes you may have a good idea based off the dog’s characteristics, and your vet will also give you his own opinion, but you may never know.

The following three dogs were rescued dogs, all rescued as Pit Bull Basset Hound mixes. You can see the similarities between both breeds. Pit bull colors, head shape, jaw features, but they are short, with inward turned, large feet.

pit bull basset hound

pit bull basset hound

This dog could actually pass as an American Bully with poor breeding, but according to the owner, he has many hound traits in regards to being very smell oriented, always having his nose to the ground.. You can see the short legs, large feet, inward facing ankles, long body, long face, all of which are Basset Hound traits.
pit bull basset hound


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