Pit Bull Bulldog Mix

Bulldogs and Pit Bulls have many similar appearance features, and the bullypit is a popular designer dog breed. The American Bulldog adds height to the Pit Bull, whereas breeding an English Bulldog to a Pit Bull adds girth.

Bulldogs and Pit Bulls are very intelligent dogs and can be easy to train, but they need a more dominant trainer. American and English Bulldogs are very treat oriented, just like Pit Bulls.

A bullypit would most likely be playful, loyal, protective and a great family dog.

Breeding an English Bulldog to a Pitbull runs the risk of nasal problems, as well as joint and muscle concerns. This mix would likely look like an American Bully- short, muscular and very boxy.

pit bull french bulldog

Pit Bull French Bulldog

pit bull english bulldog

Pit Bull English Bulldog

pit bull american bulldog

Pit Bull American Bulldog