Pitweiler – Pit Bull Rottweiler

In the days of designer dog breeds, you’ll find many people breeding Pit Bulls with anything in order to achieve a large, muscular dog.

The Pitweiler is a mix between a Pit Bull and a Rottweiler. It is sometimes called a Bullrott, Rottbull, Prott, or a Rottpit. You may even see the name spelled as pitweiller, pitwelier, pitwieler, pitwieller, pitiler, pitwilier, pittweiler, or pittweiller.

No two Pitweilers will look the same, as it is nothing more or less than a mix breed dog. Mix breed dogs can be great, but they should not be given a cutesy name in the essence of selling dogs to the public.

The Pit Bull Rotterweiler mix is going to have a varied temperament with characteristics of either breed.

You will find that on average, this mix breed will be emotional, loving, loyal, goofy, and protective dogs. They will also be quite intelligent. The breed will be very brave, but you’ll find stubborness, high energy, and a tendency of dominance, as well.

The mix will make a great family dog, especially if socialized properly.

The adult size will vary greatly. You may find the Rottweiler Pit Bull mix will range between 40 to 100 pounds, or more.

The fur will range in various colors, depending on the colors of the Pit Bull that it is mixed with. You will also have a varied coat length and thickness, as Pit Bulls are prone to short, slick furs and Rottweilers tend to have longer, thicker fur.

Before you purchase a “fancy” Pitweiler, from an ad in the paper or online, you’ll want to check your local rescue or shelter to see what animals are available for adoption that may fit the Pit Bull / Rottweiler mix characteristics that you may be looking for.

You will find many Pit Bull or Rottweiler mixes available for adoption.


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