Pit Bull Dives in the Water to Fetch Toy

Rajah LOVES water! But, unlike the blue Pit Bull in the Pit Bull plays with water video, Rajah loves diving in the water instead of fighting the water hose.

According to Rodrigo, Rajah’s owner, he is one of the most complete Pit Bulls. This dog loves the water and will dive over and over just to get his toy.

Swimming is a great exercise for your dog. It’s easy on the joints of older dogs, and will wear out younger dogs with a lot of energy. If you have a pool at home, be careful of the chlorine and chemicals that you use to treat the water. Make sure that after swimming, you thoroughly wash off your dog; you want to remove all the chemicals so that they do not irritate the skin. Even if you have a salt water pool, give your dog a good rinse.